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Owen challenges the transcendental technique that is said to be impossible to play without the help of the devil!
All songs arranged by Owen himself, this is a super-luxury all-paganini album that competes with unaccompanied caprice, piano, traditional Irish instrument Bodhrán (Bodhrán), and now European champion Corey Band.


1.Rondo from the 1st Violin Concerto   9.46

2.Canfabile   3.57

3.Caprice No.24   5.12

4.Adagio Con Flebile Sentimento   4.37

5.The Carnival of Venice   4.14

6.Moses Fantasy   7.38

7.Caprice No.17   4.29

8.Concerto No.2

    a.Allegro Maestoso   16.3

9.  b. Adagio   6.05

10.c.Allegretto Moderato (La Campanella)   8.23


TotalCD playing Time 70:46

The Demonic Virtuoso Owen Farr

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