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Kana group

​Mottled trumpet cornet

Part-time lecturer at Tokyo Gakugei University, Senzoku Gakuen College of Music, and Shobi College of Music.

Tokyo Brass Society and Japan Ladies' Brass Principal Cornetist.

Member of the International Women's Brass Conference board. Director of Japan Brass Band Leaders Association and Tokyo University of the Arts Ibaraki Branch. Member of the Japanese Band Directors Association, Nerima Ward Performers Association, and Ibaraki Performers Federation.

11th "Yamaha Brass Rookie Concert" Appearance, 21st "Ibaraki Prefecture Rookie Concert" Rookie Award, 14th "Rookie Concert" (sponsored by Nerima Culture Center) Grand Prize, International women's brass conference (IWBC) Second place in the 2003 Concert (Illinois, USA). Every year, a trumpet recital by Kana Kana and a trumpet concert by Kana Kana's students are held. There is also a master's thesis "Study on the social advancement of female brass players in Japan".

In 2006 and 2012, recitals in the United States were also well received, and in addition to engaging in performance activities and guidance mainly in solo activities at home and abroad, he also focused on spreading the music culture of his hometown of Ibaraki Prefecture. He also actively holds trumpet concerts at Ori Voluntia. In recent years, there have been many cultural exchanges through music in Asian and European countries, and the places of activity are expanding all over the world. In 2017, he launched Project KANA ~ harmonise with infinity ~ , which aims to provide a place for people of different cultures to clearly convey and interact with the deep and complex culture and spirit of Japan, and is the first trumpet player KANA. The European tour ended with great success.

Following the solo albums "VOCALISE" and "Fantasie", all songs recorded in Warsaw (Poland) were released with the original Japanese commissioned work "Miyabi", and Kana Music Factory brand goods were also released. We are developing activities. Member of the Ibaraki Council for Cultural Affairs, Ambassador Mito. She was also given the certification of the Life Stage Mental Counselor in 2021.

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