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[CAFUA CACG-0254, 2016]

Trumpet: Kana Team

Piano: Reiko Honsho

Ya Miyabi (2016)

Japanese sound. Trumpet that speaks to the heart 

The works presented to Kana Kushida by gorgeous composers such as Tetsunosuke Kushida, Masamichi Amano, and Hirokazu Fukushima have brought out her beautiful tone and delicate expression, and have become an album that makes you feel the soul of "Wa". The tag with Reiko Honsho, a legend in the piano world, is also noteworthy. Recorded at the Warsaw Philharmonic Hall in Poland. 

● Songs ●

Suite "Haiku" (Tetsunosuke Kushida)

[1] Akaaka and the autumn breeze

[2] Summer grass guys are the traces of dreams

[3] Side Pawn Milky Way in rough seas and Sado

[4] For this, my lonely autumn life

[5] Autumn sky (Masamichi Amano) Sales record

[6] Interlude (Hirokazu Fukushima) Sales

[7] Fantasy (Masamichi Amano) Sales

[8] From a nursery rhyme of rain

That town This town-Seven children-Blue-eyed doll (Nagayo Motoori, Shinpei Nakayama / Arrangement: Sawako Yamazato) Sales record


Recorded at the Warsaw Philharmonic Hall, Poland, December 14-15, 2015

Vocalise  [2019 Remaster]

Kana group (trumpet)

Reiko Honsho (piano)


Item No .: KMF-00001

Label: Kana Music Factory

Release date: 2020/1/17


Tr.1 Albinoni: Trumpet Concerto Op.9 No.2 – Adagio

Tr.2 Albinoni: Adagio

Tr.3 Handel: Largo

Tr.4 Bach: Air on the G string

Tr.5 Schumann: Troimerai

Tr.6 Puccini: My dad

Tr.7 Marcello: Trumpet Concerto in D minor – Adagio

Tr.8 Marcello: Trumpet Concerto in D minor – Allegro

Tr.9 Mozart: Prayer to the Savior (Ave Verum Corpus)

Tr.10 Martini: The joy of love

Tr.11 Ravel: Pavane for the Dead Princess

Tr.12 Schubert: Serenade

Tr.13 Schubert: Ave Maria

Tr.14 Saint-Saens: Swan

Tr.15 Rachmaninoff: Vocalise

Tr.16 Eric Satie: Je te veux

Fantasy  [2019 Remaster]

Kana group (trumpet)

Reiko Honsho (piano)

Item No .: KMF-00002

Label: Kana Music Factory

Delivery start date: 2020/1/17


Tr.1 Jean Jean: Capricciozo

Tr.2 Rose: Fantasy

Tr.3 Goen: Arantica

Tr.4 Tome: Fantasy

Tr.5 Ropartz: Andante and Allegro

Tr.6 Saint-Saens: Fantasy

Tr.7 SHAI YOU: Small items for the competition

Tr.8 You: Solo Song

Tr.9 Boza: Badinage

Tr.10 Charlie: Solo song for the competition

トランペットとピアノのためのソナタ Op. 88


​           ~金管6重奏のための~

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