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Trumpet player Kana Kumime





Activities from Japan to overseas!

Kana Kumime always keeps in mind that it is not just a performance or technical guidance, but an activity that touches each other's hearts and deepens the relationship through music. In addition, while thinking about what we can do as a Japanese person in the international community, we are developing activities unique to Kana Kumime. 
Thank you for your support ♪

Kana's activities take place all over the world!

Kana always bears in mind that she must communicate with people from the heart through her music, not only just by performing or teaching. In the international community, Kana creates her music from the perspective of a Japanese woman. Thank you for your support.


Ikigai~生きがいby Project KANA(班目加奈トランペット・リサイタルvol.22)!



●水戸大使 班目加奈が贈る 音楽で水戸を元気に!

2022年7月16日(土) 水戸駅ペデストリアンデッキお休み処付近

●水戸大使 班目加奈が贈る 音楽で大子を元気に!

2022年7月18日(祝) 袋田の滝第一観瀑台付近 

●Schagerl JAPANミニコンサート

2022年7月23日(土) 音部屋スクエア


Recently, I have uploaded a video. Please take a look. Also, please subscribe to our channel!

Recently, Kana has uploaded many videos. Please check them out and subscribe to Kana's channel!

Stay home, save lives! Presented by Project KANA

Dear friends of the world,

This is a video message from Tokyo! I sincerely hope you are all well.



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