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This is the second album of the popular female trumpeter, Kana Kumime. The delicate sound makes me tremble.


Tr.1 Jean Jean: Capricciozo

Tr.2 Rose: Fantasy

Tr.3 Goen: Arantica

Tr.4 Tome: Fantasy

Tr.5 Ropartz: Andante and Allegro

Tr.6 Saint-Saens: Fantasy

Tr.7 SHAI YOU: Small items for the competition

Tr.8 You: Solo Song

Tr.9 Boza: Badinage

Tr.10 Charlie: Solo song for the competition

《ファンタジー》 [KMF TP-00001, 2006] 班目加奈(トランペット) 本荘玲子(ピアノ)

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