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A trumpet sound that heals people's hearts.

Kana Kumime, the long-awaited first album.



Tr.2 Albinoni: Adagio

Tr.3 Handel: Largo

Tr.4 Bach: Air on the G string

Tr.5 Schumann: Troimerai

Tr.6 Puccini: My dad

Tr.7 Marcello: Trumpet Concerto in D minor – Adagio

Tr.8 Marcello: Trumpet Concerto in D minor – Allegro

Tr.9 Mozart: Prayer to the Savior (Ave Verum Corpus)

Tr.10 Martini: The joy of love

Tr.11 Ravel: Pavane for the Dead Princess

Tr.12 Schubert: Serenade

Tr.13 Schubert: Ave Maria

Tr.14 Saint-Saens: Swan

Tr.15 Rachmaninoff: Vocalise

Tr.16 Eric Satie: Je te veux

《ヴォカリーズ》 [AMD TR-20830, 2002] 班目加奈(トランペット) 本荘玲子(ピアノ)

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